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& Cruises
Day or Night
Daytime charters include cruises on the lake, as well as dips in the lake if the passengers are eager for a wet experience!

Experience a sunset on the water…

Nighttime cruises involve a sail along the lit skyline of Chicago’s famous downtown, under the moonlit sky.

Weekend Escape
Weekend adventures require a prior reservation, along with a deposit.
Firework Shows
We highly recommend the Navy Pier firework shows that are presented every Wednesday and Saturday by the City of Chicago. Fireworks start on the last Saturday of May, up until the first Wednesday of September...and let’s not forget the most popular times for these shows are the 3rd and 4th of July!
Venetian Night Parade
Chicago’s infamous Venetian Night Parade is a special event in which all the sailboats willing to take part in the festivities are dressed up in decorations. The boats then make their way through the watery parade alongside the lit skyline in the company of music and fireworks of Monroe Harbor.
Air & Water Show
One of the most popular summer attractions of Chicago is the annual Air & Water Show. We offer cruises on the days of the event, and what better way to watch the festivities than right from the water?
Mackinac Island Race
From the sailing racers to those who enjoy the adrenaline rush, the spectacular Mackinac Island Race is another one of our popular attractions. This event allows participants to enjoy the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan while in the presence of countless fellow sailors and water lovers.
Standard Hourly Sailing Rates Per Hour Per 1/2 Hour

Weekday Sail
Monday 9 AM - Friday 3 PM
Min. 2 hours required

$240.00 $120.00

Weekend Sail
Friday 5 PM - Saturday 5 PM
Min. 3 hours required
$360.00 $120.00 $60.00
Weekend Sail
Sunday 8 AM - 10 PM
Min. 3 hours required
$390.00 $130.00
Special Events Rates Per Hour Per 1/2 Hour
Saturday Night Fireworks
7 PM -11 PM
Min. 4 hours required
$480.00 $120.00
Wednesday Night Fireworks
7 PM - 10 PM
Min. 3 hours required
$360.00 $120.00
July 4th Fireworks
7 PM - 11 PM
Min. 4 hours required
$480.00 $120.00 $60.00
Saturday Air & Water Show
Min. 4 hours required
$520.00 $130.00
Sunday Air & Water Show
Min. 4 hours required
$480.00 $120.00
Mackinac Island Race
Min. 4 hours required
$480.00 $120.00
Early Bird
Special Offer
Book up your sail
before April 1
or make your
reservation between
May 16-23 and receive
$50.00 off
Special Offers*
Personalized cruises,
daily trips and
value packages
Multiple Cruise Discounts
10% on second trip
15% on third trip
20% on fourth trip
Refer your
friend or relative

and earn 15% off
on you next trip

*All discounts are applicable to hourly standard sails only. All special events and personalized trips are excluded from this offer.

All sail trips required advanced reservation and 100% payment deposit.

Discounts and special offers can not be combined.

For more information, please read Terms and Conditions.

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